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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
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mount airy lodge

Mount Airy Lodge is located in Mount Pocono, PA.  It was first constructed in 1898 and was an eight room inn.  When it was redone in the 1950’s it was Mount Pocono’s largest resort with over 890 luxurious rooms.  The property was especially extensive for the day including over 1000 acres of property.  Mount Airy Lodge had many amenities and attractions including:  both indoor and outdoor pools, an 18 hole golf course, paddle ball courts, paintball, archery, horseback riding, biking, hiking, canoeing, skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating.  On the property there was also a 36-acre lake in front of the lodge that served as a beach for swimming and sun tanning as well as a boating venue for couples.

Mount Airy Lodge was known as the premier honeymoon hideaway for many years.  With each and every room having its own personality especially with the honeymoon suites as there was floor to ceiling mirrors, heart shaped bathtubs and velvet covered canopy beds in every one.

The grandiose settings included revolutionary for the era luxury such as all-inclusive food, horse riding, archery, biking, hiking, and even winter sports such as skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling.  Let’s not forget the star-studded entertainment that went until late at night.  All of this at a single price for the rooms brought guests from all over the country.

Mount Airy Lodge attracted big name entertainment and glamour in its expansive Crystal Room.  With over 2,000 seats the show venue displayed top talent like Engelbert Humperdinck, Bob Hope, Red Buttons, Milton Berle, Tony Bennett, Connie Francis, Nipsey Russell and Paul Anka.  Adding to the extravagance were celebrity parties for Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra Jr., Rudi Vallee and many more that were held at the lodge in its heyday.

Part of the lure of Mount Airy came from television ads all across the United States.  The ads had an especially infectious tune, promising everyone a dazzling, fun filled vacation with outstanding non-stop entertainment.  All you need to bring is your love for everything!  Your Host with the Most in the Poconos. Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge!

Always referring to it as “Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge” the ads seemed to show vacationing at its best with many attractions and things to see.  Honeymooners were especially targeted in marketing efforts and the lodge soon became the marriage and honeymoon capital complete with a beautiful mountain backdrop and honeymoon suites with red heart shaped bathtubs.


Mount Airy was always a draw for New Yorkers as the resort was only a 90 minute drive from Manhattan.  Patrons of the lodge were never bored as there were always too many activities and not enough time.  That paired with the glitz and glamour of the nightly entertainment and the amazing food served daily the resort was definitely a precursor to what luxury cruise ships offer today.


mount airy lodge


Unfortunately the fun times could not endure the test of time.  During the 1980’s the resort faced strong competition from other entertainment venues such as cruise ships, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, tourism in the Caribbean and much more.  This resulted in a swift decline in customers which drove the lodge and it’s owners into debt eventually.  As a result Mount Airy Lodge went into foreclosure in late 1999, and eventually closed its doors in late 2001. Mount Airy Lodge was a one of a kind resort that operated for more than a half century (50 years) before finally closing down.

Oaktree CM bought the resort in 2000 and turned around and sold it to Louis DeNaples in 2004.  The old resort was completely removed and a brand new $412 million Casino was built on the site.  The new Mount Airy Casino has 188 rooms built to a four star level for both luxury customers and entry level alike.  The Mount Airy Casino officially opened in 2007 and has been entertaining ever since.


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